1. Is this hard to set up?

Lago is easy to set up, you can run our app in a few clicks by downloading our Docker image. If you have any questions, or want access to our premium features and/or our cloud version (paying), reach out via Slack or send an email to hello@getlago.com; we’ll get back to you shortly.

2. Can I self-host?

Yes. Lago’s self-hosted version can be deployed on any infrastructure. We provide detailed instructions on how to self-host Lago.

3. How do I deploy?

There are two options:

  1. Self-hosting the open source product - Free, and self-serve here
  2. Lago Cloud, with either US or EU hosting - There are only a few spots available to use this product at the moment, so we’ll ask you a couple of questions first, reach out here

4. Can I get it live with my favorite hosting option?

See our instructions to deploy Lago’s open source product here. Want to set it up differently? (Raise an issue)(https://github.com/getlago/lago/issues) in the repo.