Using our Open API is a great way to explore and interact with Lago’s API documentation.


Before you start using our Open API, here are some important prerequisites and useful links:

  1. Create a free Postman account;
  2. Use the Swagger for Lago’s API documentation;
  3. Open a Lago account to get your API key; and
  4. Check out our public GitHub repository.

Using Lago Open API with Postman

The Swagger used to document Lago’s API can be imported directly into Postman. To do so:

  1. Copy the following link: (this link can also be found on the Swagger’s page);
  2. In Postman, under Import > Link, paste the URL above;
  3. Click Continue;
  4. Click the Import button; and
  5. In the menu, under API, find the newly created Lago API documentation.

It only takes a few seconds to complete the import. You can then use this API to generate a new collection.

Please don’t forget to enter the API key associated with your organization’s Lago account to authenticate your API requests.