Voiding an invoice is akin to deleting or canceling it in principle. Yet, voiding preserves a paper trail, enabling you to locate the invoice by its number. Voided invoices are considered as having zero value for reporting and are not payable. Importantly, this status is final, meaning the invoice’s status remains unalterable.

Once you void an invoice, it remains accessible through the UI views and shows a status voided indicating it has been voided. You can void an invoice only when it’s in a finalized status, and the payment status is not succeeded.

To void an invoice using the user interface:

  1. Go to the “Invoices” list;
  2. Click the ellipsis icon on the right, on the line corresponding to the invoice;
  3. Select “Void invoice”; and
  4. Confirm to void the invoice.

Restrictions on voiding invoices

You cannot void an invoice when:

  • The invoice is in draft status, as it hasn’t been finalized yet; or
  • The payment status of the invoice is succeeded, indicating that the payment has been successfully processed; or
  • There is still credit available for one of the credit notes linked to the invoice; or
  • The invoice has already been voided.

Voiding invoices with applied discounts

  • Coupons applied to an invoice marked as void are lost;
  • Prepaid credits deducted from an invoice marked as void are refunded, provided the wallet is still active; and
  • Credit notes applied to an invoice marked as void are refunded to the credit note wallet.