Admin role

Admins wield full control over Lago, managing billable metrics, plans, customers, subscriptions, settings or financial analysis. Typically, developers with admin roles handle all critical billing operations. By default, the account creator is assigned the Admin role.

Only admins can invite new members and assign roles. Your account must always have at least one admin.

Account manager role

The Account manager role suits Sales or Customer Success Managers, enabling them to carry out billing tasks for customers. Account Managers can assign subscriptions, coupons, add-ons, and override prices but are not permitted to modify metrics or plans.

Finance & analyst role

The Finance & analyst role is view-only, restricted from creating or editing metrics and plans, or assigning core billing actions such as coupons, subscriptions, or one-off invoices. It’s ideal for analyzing financial data, reviewing invoices, and issuing credit notes as necessary.

Roles and permissions

AnalyticsviewAccess the Analytics Section
Billable MetricsviewAccess Billable Metrics Section
Billable MetricscreateCreate a Billable Metric
Billable MetricsupdateUpdate a Billable Metric
Billable MetricsdeleteDelete a Billable Metric
PlansviewAccess Plans Section
PlanscreateCreate a New Plan
PlansupdateUpdate a Plan
PlansdeleteDelete a Plan
PlanscreateDuplicate a Plan
AddonsviewAccess Add-ons Section
AddonscreateCreate a New Add-on
AddonsupdateUpdate an Add-on
AddonsdeleteDelete an Add-on
CouponsviewAccess Coupons Section
CouponscreateCreate a New Coupon
CouponsupdateUpdate a Coupon
CouponsdeleteDelete a Coupon
CouponsupdateTerminate a Coupon
CouponsattachApply a Coupon
CouponsdetachRemove a Coupon
CustomersviewAccess Customers Section
CustomersviewAccess Customers Details
CustomerscreateCreate a New Customer
CustomersupdateUpdate a Customer
CustomersdeleteDelete a Customer
SubscriptionsviewAccess subscriptions
SubscriptionscreateAssign a New Plan
SubscriptionsupdateEdit subscription
SubscriptionsdeleteDelete subscription
WalletscreateCreate a Wallet
WalletsupdateEdit a Wallet
Walletstop_upTop-up a Wallet
WalletsterminateTerminate a Wallet
InvoicesviewAccess Invoice List
InvoicesviewDownload an Invoice
InvoicessendResend an Invoice
InvoicesupdateUpdate Payment Status
InvoicesvoidVoid an Invoice
InvoicescreateOne-off Invoices
InvoicesupdateEdit a Draft Invoice
InvoicesupdateRefresh a Draft invoice
InvoicesupdateFinalize a Draft invoice
Draft InvoicesupdateEdit a Draft Invoice
Draft InvoicesupdateRefresh a Draft invoice
Draft InvoicesupdateFinalize a Draft invoice
Credit NotesviewAccess Credit Notes List
Credit NotescreateCreate a Credit Note
Credit NotesviewDownload a Credit Note PDF
Credit NotesupdateDon’t know what this is but there is a mutation
Credit NotesvoidVoid a Credit Note
Customer SettingsviewAccess Customer’s Settings
Customer Settingsupdate:tax_ratesAdd Tax Rates
Customer Settingsupdate:payment_termsEdit Net Payment Terms
Customer Settingsupdate:grace_periodEdit Grace Period
Customer Settingsupdate:langEdit Document Language
DevelopersmanageAccess Developers Section
Developerskeys:manageAccess API Keys
DevelopersmanageAccess Events List
DevelopersmanageAccess Webhooks
OrganizationviewAccess Organization Settings
OrganizationupdateEdit Organization Information
Organizationinvoices:viewAccess Invoices’ Global Information
Organizationinvoices:updateEdit Invoices’ Global Information
Organizationtaxes:viewAccess Global Taxes Information
Organizationtaxes:updateEdit Global Taxes Information
Organizationemails:viewAccess Emails Settings
Organizationemails:updateEdit Emails Settings
Organizationintegrations:viewAccess Integrations Section
Organizationintegrations:createAdd an Integration
Organizationintegrations:updateEdit an Integration
Organizationintegrations:deleteDelete an Integration
Organizationmembers:viewAccess Members Section
Organizationmembers:createAdd a Member and Choose Its Role
Organizationmembers:updateEdit a Member and Its Role
Organizationmembers:deleteDelete a Member