Gross revenue represents the total income generated by your organization in a single month, giving you a complete overview of your financial performance. We ensure a comprehensive approach, encompassing all types of discounts, such as credit notes, coupons, and credits, to provide you with a precise picture of your gross revenue. In essence, it’s the amount you should expect to receive every month.

Our gross revenue calculation considers the following factors:

  1. All finalized invoices, whether related to subscriptions or usage;
  2. Pay in advance fees, whether they are invoiceable or not;
  3. Invoices related to prepaid credits from wallets;
  4. One-off invoices; and
  5. Deducting the credit note amounts refunded to customers.

To access the Gross Revenue analytics dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the “Analytics” section; and
  2. Access the “Gross Revenue” Dashboard.

Gross revenue dashboard