Lago is your go-to solution for in-depth billing analytics data, enabling you to accurately calculate revenue with ease. Our commitment to delivering valuable insights drives us to regularly expand our suite of revenue dashboards. These dashboards are not just a feature; they’re the very first thing you encounter when you log in to your Lago account, ensuring you have immediate access to critical financial information. Additionally, users can access this data via our API for seamless integration.

Currency filter

Keep in mind that our revenue analytics dashboards are segmented by currency. If you have invoices in multiple currencies, please note that no conversion rate is applied.

Time filter

Within the user interface, you have the ability to filter metrics based on timeframes. Your options include:

  • Yearly: Covers the last 12 months
  • Monthly: Focuses on the current month
  • Quarterly: Encompasses the past 4 months

API-Driven revenue insights

At Lago, our analytics dashboards are accessible through both the user interface and dedicated API endpoints. When interacting with our APIs, you have the flexibility to fine-tune your data retrieval by incorporating currency-based filters. This means you can seamlessly obtain the insights that matter most to you, all while harnessing the power of Lago’s analytics capabilities.

Data caching strategy

Lago optimizes data retrieval for revenue analytics in both UI and API endpoints through strategic caching. This ensures faster performance. However, it’s important to note that this data is refreshed every 4 hours. Consequently, there may be a slight delay in reflecting the most current revenue data at the time of access.

Data models

If you’re looking to craft custom queries from our self-hosted database, here are key insights to empower your interaction with our data models:

Invoice Types:

  • subscription: 0
  • add_on: 1
  • credit: 2
  • one_off: 3

Payment Status:

  • pending: 0
  • succeeded: 1
  • failed: 2

Invoice Status

  • draft: 0
  • finalized: 1
  • voided: 2