Whether you use one of our native integrations or rely on our webhooks to collect payments, you have the ability to manually resend payments for collection when needed.

To re-trigger the payment process through the user interface:

  1. Access the “Invoices” section via the side menu;
  2. Open the “Outstanding” tab;
  3. Find the invoice for which you would like to collect payment;
  4. Click the ellipsis icon on the right; and
  5. Select “Resend for collection”.

Payment retry via the invoice list

In the “Outstanding” and “Overdue” tabs of the “Invoices” section, you can also click “Resend for collection” in the upper right corner to re-trigger the payment process for all invoices in the respective lists.

Invoices that are overdue are available both on the “Outstanding” and the “Overdue” tabs. Make sure you resend for collection from the “Overdue” tab if you wish to collect payment for past due invoices only.

When a payment is resent for collection, an invoice.created or invoice.add_on_added webhook is automatically sent, depending on the type of invoice.

In addition to this, if the default payment provider for the customer is Stripe, GoCardless or Adyen, Lago will automatically process the payment through integration.

It is also possible to trigger payment retries via the API (learn more).