Premium feature ✨: only users with a premium license can define whether or not a charge is invoiceable. Please contact us to get access to Lago Cloud and Lago Self-Hosted Premium.

If a charge needs to be paid in advance, you can choose whether or not it generates an invoice.

The "invoiceable": false option is particularly relevant for fintech companies that want to charge customers instantly without issuing an invoice. This feature can be useful for banking transactions like ATM withdrawals, FX transfers and other similar scenarios.

By setting the invoiceable parameter to false, you can streamline the payment process, eliminating the step of generating invoices for these specific charges.

To define if a charge is invoiceable or not:

  1. Go to a Plan;
  2. Add a usage-based charge;
  3. Define a price model;
  4. Define this charge as paid in advance; and
  5. Untick generate an invoice for each event.

Configure a charge as non invoiceable