Select the graduated percentage model if you want to define several percentage tiers. You can also apply a flat fee per tier in addition to the rate. Note that the rate is the only mandatory value. It’s particularly useful for fintech charging graduated rates for a feature.

Consider the following example, where each unit represents an API call:

TierFirst unitLast unitRateFlat fee
Tier 101,0001%$200
Tier 21,00110,0002%$300
Tier 310,0013%$400

A first transaction at $500 would cost (500 units x 1%) + $200 flat fee = $205.00; A second transaction at $550 would cost [(500 units x 1%) + (50 units x 2%)] + $300 flat fee = $306.00; A third transaction at $4,000 would cost (4,000 x 2%) = $80.00.

Unlike the fixed fee, the flat fee is applied to the entire tier, rather than per transaction.